A Hunter’s Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

by Wednesday, July 27, 2016

As a hunter, you probably have survival gear locked away in one of your storage spaces ready to be taken out for your next hunting trip. In addition, you already have the basic knowledge of survival in the wilderness which isn’t much different than running away from mindless zombies. In case the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse happens, do you have enough items for a zombie apocalypse survival kit?

A Hunter’s Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

It’s Best To Be Prepared At All Times

If you’re a fan of watching sci-fi thriller films, then you already know what a zombie is. Zombies are a staple of any American fiction and they’re always out to eat your brains. If they were to come true, do you have what it takes to outrun them or at least thin out their herd? Check out this zombie apocalypse survival kit to ensure your survival during a zombie apocalypse!


air rifle (1)

Rifles are your number one defense against these freaks. They are long-ranged weapons and are powerful enough to take out a zombie with a single shot. I’d prefer to have a semi-automatic MSR like an AR 15 for faster shooting and reloading. Click to shop this Air Rifle.

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Image source – Ammo Storage

I’d choose a high caliber ammunition like a 5.56 NATO or a .308. These bullets will  blast the brains out of the non-thinking undead.

Survival Knife

Survival Knife | A Hunter's Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

image via skldiyuptown

Survival knives will be useful for a lot of tasks. From cutting to defending yourself at melee range, these knives will  come in handy. Looking for a knife that you can discreetly take anywhere, one that folds up and slides in an out of your wallet? Check this out. 


outlite (1)

The flashlight is your only light source when the sun is down. It can also be used to send signals at night. That’s right. Morse code through light. Use the flashlight wisely as zombies may be alerted of your presence. Or at least, that’s what they say in the movies. This flashlight might just save your life.

Fire Starters

waterproof strike anywhere match

Fire starters are a must for any survival situation. Fire gives you warmth and protection from wild animals, but in this case, it can also protect you from zombies. Make your own, or get a waterproof strike-anywhere match so you’re aways prepared!

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit | A Hunter's Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

image via zombiehunters

A first aid kit is a standard in any survival scenario. I suggest you secure these items in a waterproof bag or container so they’re protected all the time from moisture and extreme weather.

Survival Axe


image via Amazon

You can cut wood, rope, or even flesh better with an axe than with a knife. Axes are handy and can be small enough without risking your mobility. Click HERE to get this Best Seller Fiskars Ax!


Tarp| A Hunter's Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

image via gailstorey

Sooner or later, you’re gonna have to set up a camp somewhere. Tarps are great for serving as makeshift tents. You’ll love this sturdy multi-purpose version – Click HERE!


Water can be scarce. It’s a good idea to have a bottle or thermos to carry around potable drinking water everywhere you go. You’ll never know when you’ll need it. Click to shop.

Paracord Survival Bracelet


To set up a makeshift tent, you’ll need rope to secure the sides of the tarp to a tree or stakes. You might even find yourself in a high spot where you have to go down so you better have one of these paracord bracelets on your wrist! The apocalypse can be unpredictable, you know.

Preserved Food

Just like water, the human body  needs food to survive. To keep your body nourished, you’ll need to eat every now and then. You’re gonna need all that energy for running away from those creepy zombies. That’s why I prefer going with these dry food rations.

Cooking Equipment

camping cookware

Finally, once you’ve found a place you can turn into a fortress, it’s time to cook your meals if you know how to hunt. Or if there are still animals to hunt after the apocalypse. Having the right cooking equipment will cut you a great deal of work! This complete cookware set is ideal for camping – click HERE to get your own!


Check out this awesome video about the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit from BudgetBugout

Getting away from zombies is no easy task. Sooner or later, you have to find a place where you’re safe from zombies and with sustainable food and water supply. This should be your ultimate goal. At any rate, you should always be prepared for a zombie apocalypse or any similar situation for that matter.

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