The Best Hunting Dogs In The World

by Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hunting dogs are a hunter’s best friend, and I should know. I own a couple of them and they prove to be very useful for sniffing and tracking down the game. There are numerous dog breeds but not all of them are suitable for hunting.  Take a look at the best hunting dogs to help you with your hunting!

The Best Hunting Dogs In The World

7 Of The World’s Best Hunting Companions

Hunting dogs are more than just for picking up dead targets. The best hunting dogs are mainly used to sight, scent, chase down, and sometimes kill game depending on the breed. Some breeds are good at sniffing out prey while there are those that are bred to help you take down bears and boars. Check out this list of the best dog breeds for hunting and what they’re good at!

Labrador Retriever

BHD Labrador Retriever | The Best Hunting Dogs In The World

image via akc

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Labrador Retrievers are excellent hunting dogs for fowl hunting. They are “soft-mouthed”, which allow them to hold the game in their mouth without applying too much pressure. That way, the meat doesn’t get damaged. I’ve owned a couple of them over the years, and they are really great.


BHD Bloodhound | The Best Hunting Dogs In The World

image via wikipedia

A hunting buddy of mine down in Alaska bred these bloodhounds and he always had one when we’re out hunting. Bloodhounds are excellent at tracking game because of their keen sense of smell. They are known to have a good memory of the smell and can track game even after a few days!


BHD Dachshund | The Best Hunting Dogs In The World

image via BuzzSharer

Despite their short build, Dachshunds can prove to be useful when hunting small game like badgers and rabbits.


BHD Coonhound | The Best Hunting Dogs In The World

image via petguide

Coonhounds are known to be fearless and they actually got their name for their ferocity in pursuing raccoons. However, they can also be useful when hunting down larger animals like deer.

American Water Spaniel

BHD American Water Spaniel | The Best Hunting Dogs In The World

image via vetstreet

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This dog breed is not only intelligent but also friendly and loyal to their owner. In addition, they are great on water and can dive to get fish or catch waterfowl swimming in lakes and other bodies of water.

Irish Setter

BHD Irish Setter | The Best Hunting Dogs In The World

image via 7-themes

Irish Setters are the best hunting dogs for larger bird game like turkeys. These dogs are really intelligent and can be great pets for the family.


BHD Beagle | The Best Hunting Dogs In The World

image via animalplanet

Beagles are the most iconic of all hunting dog breeds and they originated in England. Don’t be fooled by their short legs because they can chase down a rabbit with ease. They are also known for their stamina. My dad owned a beagle and he was just unstoppable. I swear on my dog’s life, he dashed down as fast as he could for five minutes and he’d come back like he just came back from a brisk walk.

Check out this awesome video from The Dogs: 


The best hunting dog breeds are trainable and thus, intelligence is a prerequisite. Despite being ruthless in the field, most of these hunting dogs are very friendly to humans and to other dogs as well when properly trained.

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