[Watch This] Improve Your Bow Hunting Accuracy Like Robin Hood

by Monday, July 26, 2021

Being able to shoot a bow and arrow accurately is definitely the most critical aspect in bow hunting. You can be the stealthiest hunter or you can be able to call out on the animals but all goes to waste if you can't hit a killing blow on your game. If you have issues with your accuracy, keep reading to learn how to improve your bow hunting accuracy and ready to hunt like Robin Hood! View post

Life Or Death: Survival Gear That You Should Never Fail To Bring

by Sunday, July 25, 2021

The survival gear that hunters bring to the field could actually be the things that will save them from being lost or the items that could keep them alive in long term survival situations. It is paramount to bring the right things to the right places where they plan to hunt so as to avoid carrying useless cargo that might actually slow them down. This list provides us a number of things that every hunter should carry in case things don't run the ...

[Watch This] The Best Hunting Knives Under $50

by Sunday, July 25, 2021

Why buy an inexpensive hunting knife when you can get yourself a knife with better qualities than something you could just get in under 50 bucks? It is amazingly and simply because the difference in quality isn't as big as the difference in their prices and that's why you should check out these Best Hunting Knives Under $50 with Bushcraft412. View post

Unbelievable! Man Went Hog Hunting With Only A Hunting Knife

by Saturday, July 24, 2021

Boar hunting is a definitely not just the common hunting sport which actually extends to feral pigs and peccaries as you think it maybe.. A wild boar can actually grow 110 centimeters from foot to shoulder and can weigh 50-90 kilograms. These powerful animals have tusks that they can use as defensive weapons and hunting them using only a hunting knife is not an easy feat. View post

[Watch This] The Only Survival Gear You’ll Wear On Your Wrist

by Friday, July 23, 2021

A survival kit on your wrist is the best thing you could have when you're out for hunting. The EDC Paracord Survival bracelet is not only compact, it's likewise handy, and it's jam packed with all sorts of survival gear in an aesthetically pleasing package. Let's follow DropForgedSurvival as he reviews this EDC Survival bracelet from Wazoo Survival Gear. View post

[Watch This] These Custom Hunting Rifles Will Make You Envious

by Thursday, July 22, 2021

If you're having a hard time trying to choose which hunting rifle you want to buy, you're in for a treat because this article has got seven of these bad babies waiting for you! McMillan Firearms is dedicated to producing only the best firearms specializing long range rifles. Read on as McMillan Firearms present you these custom hunting rifles to drool on! View post